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Press | Full Moon, Empty Heart
"This is the third release from Sacramento's 99 Tales. I find this to be a very nice change from most of the stuff that I listen to. Their music has a very unique, soothing and mature edge to it. At first listen, the term rockabilly or even psychobilly comes to mind. After repeated listens, you begin to notice the surf guitars. Alternative country may be another description, but don't forget about John Doe, the Pixies, or even a band like Throwing Muses. In the front of the mix, strong vocals are shared by Vince and Kim. While they do not use the minor chord harmonies that made X famous, you can't help but listen for comparisons between the two bands. This release is full of moody and emotional songs. All in all, 99 Tales' Full Moon Empty Heart is very refreshing, while still no where near mainstream."
SPIN | Poor Little Knitter on the Road

"The songs are campy-loose, and the performances sufficiently spirited, most notably 99 Tales 'Baby Out of Jail.'..."

No Depression | Poor Little Knitter on the Road

"99 Tales pump up 'Baby Out of Jail' with raucous psychobilly edges..." | Poor Little Knitter on the Road

"99 Tales' 'Baby Out of Jail' passes for country...but could just as easily have been standard at Whiskey a Go Go circa 1982."

Sacramento News & Review | Ninety Nine Tales

"Quite possibly Sacto's definitive twang-pop band, 99 Tales has spent the better part of the '90s perfecting its beautiful full-moon, empty-heart sound. With a couple of self-produced releases to its name plus a contribution to Bloodshot Records' all-star Knitters tribute, 99 Tales is surely poised on the brink of something big."

City Beat - Best of 2000 | Ninety Nine Tales

"Imagine the Surf Punk guitar sounds of The Pixies mixed with X's vocals and you've got 99 Tales."